Initial Teacher Trainees 2020-2021

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My name is Mr Harris and I am at trainee teacher in the Maths department. I can teach Maths or Further Maths for those at A-Level. Before becoming a teacher here, I studied Maths at the University of Essex, and I was also a student at this school from Year 7 all the way through to Year 13.
I often helped fellow students while I was in A level in Maths and Further Maths, and I realised that I really enjoyed doing this and helping people to improve, so I have wanted to be a teacher for a few years now. I really enjoyed my time here and it was made clear that some teachers wanted me to return, so I came back. For me, if I enjoy my job and feel happy and secure, then that’s the most important thing.
I am currently completing the BEC SCITT, which are the same provider that I did a 4-week internship for last summer. I chose this provider because I enjoyed the internship. In the BEC SCITT, I spend 4 days a week at Beauchamps, with the other day (Thursday) requiring me to go to Bromfords which is the SCITT centre in the morning to learn about the teaching theories, and then to St John Payne in Chelmsford for my afternoon session which is subject specific. These are now being held online due to the national lockdown. In the first term, I was required to attend zoom calls on the Friday also for the PGCE side of things, which is the university side that I also have to pass to obtain NQT status. I am assessed by two PGCE essays, and also assessed by 5 teacher theory essays (GPS tasks) and some subject-specific tasks (SPS tasks). These form the curriculum of the SCITT, and means that I do not have to collect any extra evidence as I am assessed against the Teachers’ Standards by the curriculum. I should hopefully become an NQT at the end of this academic year, and be a fully qualified teacher a further two years in the future.
The SCITT is what I expected it to be at this point, although it is more work than I thought. I’ve enjoyed every moment I have been in school, but I enjoy the teaching side more than anything else. I like being in control of the class and delivering the content, more so than observing a class, especially with how many lessons I’ve observed! I’d like to thank the whole Maths department for their support. Each and every one of them has been brilliant and picked me up when I have bad days. I’d also like to thank Mr Harper and Mrs Pepper. Mr Harper really showed confidence in me and faith to bring me back, and Mrs Pepper was always supportive of me as a student; I may not have been in this position without her.
Once the virus is restricted and we can go back to ‘normal’ lives, I would like to be much more involved in extra-curricular activities around the Maths Department. In 10 years time, I would like my focus to be more on A Level teaching. I enjoy the content taught here more than I do the GCSE content, and maybe one day I will be the Head of Department. I would never want to go as far as being a Headteacher, however. I’ve seen how much work and stress is involved in that job first-hand and wouldn’t want that for myself.
I would like to get involved in the Staff vs Students football again. This was always a nice end to the week where we could build relationships through a common shared interest.

Here I can grow and I am trusted in my academic values and skills; this has triggered many other amazing things. I have been given the opportunity to begin a new path, previously totally unknown to me, to study Spanish as a University Degree.
Life in school is more like a family life… it has ups and downs sometimes, but here there is always the feeling that you can come back to your family. I feel that I can develop here, and I strongly believe that I am happy, appreciated, valued and trusted.

My only expectations from Beauchamps are that I want them to know as well that I try my best to make everything around me a lovely place to study in, to make my students ready for life.

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I am in my first year of training to be a Maths teacher. I’m involved with GCSE Psychology at the school too. I have just graduated earlier this year from the University of Exeter. I have always wanted to be a teacher, so I planned to start my training as soon as I left university. I am passionate about Maths and about playing a part in shaping the futures of young people.
There are many reasons why I chose Beauchamps High School; alongside the school’s outstanding reputation, family ethos and long-standing presence in the local community, I have a strong family connection with the school and I have been familiar with Beauchamps from a young age. My first experience here was drawing on the wall of C1 with green whiteboard pen at age 3! Coming from a family of teachers, I have grown up seeing first-hand how rewarding and worthwhile a career in teaching can be. I have always imagined completing my teacher training here at Beauchamps, and I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to do so.
I have chosen the 1-year SCITT pathway through which I will achieve QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) and a PGCE. I chose this pathway because I wanted to get straight into the classroom and spend most of my training year in school. I spend 4 days in school and 1 day out of school in lectures by the Billericay Education Consortium, my training provider, over at Bromfords. I achieve my Qualified Teacher Status through experience and teaching in school. I’ll have many observations over the year by my school mentors and mentors from the BEC, to monitor how I’m getting on with my teaching and hopefully be awarded the QTS at the end! The PGCE involves completing 2 assignments for the University of Suffolk – 1 of these is on Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, and the other is a piece of research that I carry out in school and report on in an essay. Hard work but high reward!
Despite the pandemic, I am thoroughly enjoying my first term and getting to know the fantastic students at the school. I am teaching more and more lessons as the year goes on. I am particularly enjoying getting to know my Year 7 class and sharing “lightbulb” moments with them during our lessons. They will always be my very first class which is a strange thought!
I would like to thank Miss Pitts for her support and encouragement as my mentor since I joined the school, as well as the Maths department for their welcome. Also, thank you to my Dad (Mr Windeatt) who has always inspired me to become a teacher and teach here at Beauchamps.
Looking to the future, I aim to fully embrace teaching Maths across all key stages and then look to move towards a pastoral leadership role. I care hugely for the wellbeing of young people and helping them to achieve their best. I recognise the immense importance of wellbeing in its fundamentality in enabling young people to learn efficiently and achieve their best. I look forward to supporting wellbeing events in the future and using what I have learnt in my Psychology degree to support students in a pastoral role.
I am looking forward to getting involved with some of the many extra-curricular activities on offer at Beauchamps. I am interested to find out more about being involved with the Duke of Edinburgh Award, having thoroughly enjoyed DofE myself at school. I’d even like to explore the possibility of organising some cheerleading sessions… Watch this space!When I joined I did not know what to expect…. but if you come to work here you can expect to work in a safe, welcoming community.

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This time last year, I was starting to take lessons on my own, either as full lessons or part teaching them with another teacher. At the start of 2020 I went away on my B placement to Greensward Academy which was a brilliant experience. I was able to teach more lessons and was able to see how another school worked, picking up new methods and tips from new teachers. Then Covid-19 happened!
Despite the schools having to shut back in March, I was still able to continue my teacher training and gained my Qualified Teaching Status in July this year. Although we couldn’t get the experience in schools, we moved everything onto Zoom and continued our training looking at the theory behind teaching. What a year to do my training in! Thankfully, I have been able to stay at Beauchamps beyond my training year and am now an NQT in the History Department.
I feel I have grown a lot more as a teacher now in this first term since we’ve been back. I have had new opportunities, one being a form tutor to the new year 7s. It’s been challenging helping them through this first term with so much disruption this year but the amazing support from the Head of Year 7 Mrs Hampton has really helped. I’ve been given my own GCSE class so I am really enjoying having the opportunity to work with Year 10, something I did not really get the opportunity in my training year.
It has been a challenging first term as an NQT with Covid but I think this has helped with my experience more. It’s helped to make sure that everything is planned, ensuring that those students isolating at home still have accessible work. I am currently trying to make lessons more creative and engaging for the final two weeks before Christmas with live lessons. Adapting work and finding knew ways of teaching is certainly what I am learning the most this term.
I’ve continued to run history club but due to Covid we have had to adapt it. We have created a Teams folder for it and have added year 7 and 8 students who were keen to take part. We pick a time period that we will travel to and I will add website links and video clips for students to use and research the time period. The following week they will then get the opportunity to teach me a fact that they have found about the period in way they want to.