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The staff and governors at Beauchamps know that all students have the ability to succeed and it is our job to make sure your child’s time here is enjoyable and successful. By the time they leave they will have made lots of new friends and had many successes.

Beauchamps High School operates a team approach and, together with the staff and governors, you will become part of that team. Your child will be expected to work hard and we will provide the support and resources to ensure they succeed. As they progress through the school there will be lots of challenging opportunities both within and outside the curriculum. These will provide experiences that they can take forward and build upon after leaving.

The school has an outstanding record in achieving high academic results and there is a developing programme of Applied Learning opportunities that will provide workplace skills including Hair and Beauty, Construction and Fish Husbandry. The school also has a successful Sixth Form curriculum that will help prepare your child for university.

At the end of your child’s time at Beauchamps, I hope they will be able to look back on an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I have every confidence that they will gain examination results of which you will both be proud and skills that will serve them well in their future life.

With all good wishes for the future.

Maggie Beauchamp
Chair of Governors

School Governance

At their first meeting of each academic year, Governors elect a Chairman and Vice-Chairman and decide the structure and composition of their various working committees.

All duties undertaken by governors are on a voluntary basis. Each governor serves on at least one of four non-statutory committees, which meet twice termly, and there are three full meetings of the governing body each year. As well as this, many governors are involved with other activities in the school, including mentoring of students, accompanying school trips and attending meetings of the Student Council. The current Chairman sits on every non-statutory committee and also visits the school on an almost weekly basis to have discussions with the Headteacher and other members of the management team.

Governor Vacancies

From time to time vacancies occur for Partnership membership of the Beauchamps Governing Body. Nominations are invited from within the community for persons who have no connection with the school (including no children as students). The areas of expertise that would be particularly useful to the Governing Body are Marketing or Finance. Anyone with these, or any other skills, can place their name on a list of interested persons by writing to The Chairman of the Governors c/o Beauchamps High School. Applicants should include brief details about themselves, including anything they feel may be relevant.
When a vacancy for a Parent Governor arises the school seeks nominations from among the body of parents of children currently at the school. When more than one nominee is proposed, a ballot is held.
The Clerk to the Governors is Mr Peter Bates, who can be contacted at the school (as can any of the governors) via the Headteacher’s PA.

Governor Responsibilities

The care, maintenance and use of the school premises. Developing policies, the employment of staff and the school budget.


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