Online Advice


Internet Safety

This is to introduce parents to Child Exploitation and On Line Protection (CEOP). This is a government law enforcement agency that has been set up to help protect young people from the dangers of chatting on line and the possibility of connecting to a paedophile. 

All students should regularly look at their website (a link is provided on this page) that gives relevant age related information about keeping safe online. There is also a parent’s page with vital information about monitoring your child when using social networking sites – Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

The staff at Beauchamps High School are determined to do all they can to keep the students safe from these predators. Presentations are regularly given to remind them of the importance of e-safety when social networking. The more we can educate them into making the right choices, the safer they will be. Please have a look at the CEOP website.

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