Southend Music Festival

Southend Music Festival 2017

On 24th November the school choir entered for the Southend Music Festival.  They sung two songs: “Singing in the Rain” and “Cantate Domino”. Both songs involved part singing and intricate harmony.  The choir gave a stunning performance of both songs and led to a standing ovation from audience members.  Consequently the choir was awarded the Winning Prize and the Gold Cup.  Comments from the adjudicators were as follows:

“ A good vibrant sound ……. good part singing … tuning is secure….. this had energy ….. good rhythmic singing and good use of dynamics …..Excellent Performance, Bravo!”

Students rehearse regularly throughout the school week.  Their dedication to music is relentless and obvious and just wonderful to see! They know that music will always be a part of their lives and they have a good understanding of why hard work and commitment is necessary to gain excellence. This is a very proud moment for the Music Department and Beauchamps High school – the huge Cup Trophy will stand proudly in our display area.

Mr Byford