Staff and Parent Forum

The Staff and Parent Forum (previously the Parent’s Focus Group) gives you
as parents the opportunity to have a clear voice within the school and to discuss
issues regarding both the education of your child and the circumstances of
their school environment. The Senior Leadership Team meet with the Staff
and Parent Forum on a termly basis and welcome opinions on all factors:
curriculum, uniform, homework, reporting and extra-curricular provision as
examples. Being a member of the Staff and Parent Forum will enable you to
remain at the centre of your child’s education and will ensure that you are not
only fully informed about events and changes that take place, but will also
offer you the very real opportunity to impact change on the topics that matter
most to you. As parents, your opinions and ideas are vital to the wellbeing of
the students and the school and as such, we are pleased to encourage your

If you are interested in joining the SPF or would like to find out more, please contact the school.