Student Voice


Beauchamps High School is a community and as such believes that all members of its community are of equal value and invaluable worth. At Beauchamps High School we believe that all students are entitled to contribute actively in shaping the educational experience they and their fellow students receive. The vision of the Student Voice is to improve the whole school experience for students and it exists to give each student a voice, promoting whole school improvement through student involvement.  It is a think tank.

Mr J Beaumont
Associate Senior Leader and Student Voice Leader

As a student in Beauchamps High School, I have found my education to be both thrilling and interesting throughout my four years. Now, as I step into the role of Head Girl, I find myself being more responsible and confident being an outstanding representative of Beauchamps High School.

Attending Beauchamps High School has taught me various life lessons across the years I have been here. It has really changed me as a person. All the teachers work hard to help their students develop. For me, being Head Boy is my way to give back to the school and help it improve, just like it has be to improve. I would also like to offer more activities that will help other students develop.