At Beauchamps High School we endeavour to have a curriculum that is underpinned by our vision in construction and the core values of a “home is where the heart is“ family culture, which promotes wellbeing, enjoyment and a love of learning. Foundations are key, setting out the opportunity for students to lay down the bricks to build a future. Inspired by staff, layers of learning develop and construct a strong partnership into a lasting legacy for the community.    




Year 9

This involves an introduction into construction and the built environment. To tap into the enthusiasm and energy of young people and  to enhance their skills. This vocational based course is designed to give pupils an in-depth knowledge of the construction industry, as well as an understanding of how they would be best placed within it. They will also learn how modern day construction and environmental issues are addressed. The learners will also develop their practical skills to prepare them for their options.

Year 10 & 11 - Key Stage 4 

WJEC Constructing the Built Environment level 1/2 award.
City and Guilds level 2 Technical award in constructing and maintaining the environment.

This choice enables every student to enjoy progress, manage workload and achieve his or her academic qualifications.

The qualification has been designed to build on the skills, knowledge and understanding acquired at Key Stage 3, particularly skills related to literacy, numeracy, problem solving and enterprise. However, students must be willing to extend their learning in their own time. This will both raise their aspirations and confidence in areas of construction. Individual skills encouraged after school will contribute to a positive wellbeing and provide an extra platform through which to explore the subject. In turn, this promotes independence, reinforces class learning and extends their experience.

The awards involve the study of how buildings are constructed and maintained. The industry employs about 10% of the UK workforce and creates the buildings in which we work, live, study and enjoy our leisure time. Learning opportunities in accessing local sites, working in partnership with one of the largest companies Morgan Sindall, promotes essential trade knowledge.




This can be measured by a number of qualities; students work independently to produce written proposals and technical drawings that could shape the built environment for the future; they also find out more about sustainability and mastery of a trade. Academic exam results are one part of enabling students to experience success but skills also need to be crafted and pathways made bespoke to them in order to impact life in later years. A qualification in this subject can lead to a range of post-16 opportunities, potentially unlocking the door to A-Levels, Level 3 qualifications, and apprenticeships. Students could go on to have a career in architecture, interior design, construction, facilities management or as a tradesperson in bricklaying, painting and decorating, carpentry and site management. There is a pathway for everyone in Construction and our commitment is to inspire all to progress and fulfill their dreams beyond Beauchamps High School.