Are there any after-school clubs?


When do we have assembly?


What is student reception?


Do Year 7's get a locker?

Additional FAQs:

Will we be able to see older family members/friends at break times? 

If you are someone who knows other students in the school, there will be opportunities to see them, before and after school but not during break and lunchtimes. We have two canteens. One is for KS3 students and the other is for Year 10 and 11. These remain separate, along with break and lunchtimes.

Will we be in a class with our friends? 

You will probably know some of the students in your classes from primary school when you join us. We want you to meet lots of new people and all students will be in the same position. We are sure that you will make many new friends during your time with us. 

How will I know what homework I have? 

All homework will be set via our Edulink App which you will be able to download from the App/Play Store. This will give you an outline of what to do, when it is due in and how long it should approximately take. Your teachers will also be able to upload any useful resources that might help you too. Your parents will also be able to see the homework you have been set. If you are finding any homework difficult, talk to your teacher or form tutor. You can also attend our homework club which is on each day after school, where you can get help and support from staff.  

Can we bring pencil cases in from home? 

At Beauchamps we want you to become independent learners. You are therefore expected to bring your own equipment into school including: pens (preferably black and a green one for editing), pencils, sharpener, eraser, ruler, maths equipment such as a scientific calculator and anything else you may need. In addition, you will need to bring in your PE kit on the days you have competitive sports. You may also be responsible for looking after your subject books. Try to get in the habit of packing your bag the night before so you don’t forget anything important in the morning.