In July we took our top achieving Maths students in Year 10 to an enhancement day at the University of Essex, run by the Further Maths Support Programme (FMSP). The purpose of the day was for the students to get to see Maths in entirely different contexts to what they see in the classroom, as well as seeing where their studies in Maths could lead them in the future. The event consisted of an introduction into Actuarial Science, a session in Cryptography, and a taster of famous mathematical problems in Decision Mathematics such as ‘The Bridges of Königsberg’.

“An insightful experience into discovering the many careers Maths can have” – Amelia M

“An eye-opening experience to the opportunities in Maths” – Jodie B

“I think the day was useful and interesting as we got to learn the different aspects of Maths and how it’s used” – Sophie B

“It was extremely interesting to see how Maths could be applied to even more professions that until that day I had not heard of” – Ashleigh M