Student Spotlight

Beauchamps has provided me with fantastic support throughout my time here. From organising trips to Cambridge University early in my time here to having highly committed teachers and staff, they have allowed me to reach my potential from year 7 all the way to now studying for my A Levels. This support and the hard work I have put in I have managed to achieve numerous UKMT Maths Challenge Awards and 12 GCSEs all A* and A. This year I will be applying to study Maths at Oxford University and am predicted to achieve A*s in my A Levels. 

During my time at Beauchamps I have had a huge number of extra-curricular opportunities. Currently I am a Senior Mentor in Sixth Form, meaning I assist with younger students, and I am also in the process of competing my Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award. In terms of my achievements, I received awards for the UKMT Maths Challenge, and received a national PiXL award for my GCSE results, which were 11 A*s and one A. I am now looking to apply to University to study Economics, having been predicted A*s in my A Levels.