Initial Teacher Trainees 2019-2020

Miss Edwards - Trainee Teacher of Food Preparation and Nutrition


After 5 years of working in a primary school, I started working at Beauchamps High School as a Cover Supervisor in September 2018. The opportunity arose to train to become a Food Preparation and Nutrition teacher from the start of the current school year, and I thought this would be an amazing opportunity to take.

The pathway I have chosen to take is the assessment only route which I will be taking in September 2020. This is a 12 week assessment that will enable me to qualify as a teacher and start my NQT from January 2021.

I believe perseverance and patience, and a desire to challenge and motivate young people are some of the most important qualities to being a teacher. Having worked with young people for many years, I realise how important education is for everyone.

I am enjoying planning my lessons and teaching from the curriculum. I started an after-school extra-curricular Dance Club last year which I have continued this year, and also started a new after-school extra-curricular Baking Club this term.

My goal is to qualify as a teacher and to investigate teaching in an array of different subjects. 

Mr Messenger - Trainee Teacher of PE and Science


I live in Essex and was looking around for a suitable secondary school to progress my teaching career. I had viewed the Beauchamps High School website many times reading the policies and newsletters, and the ethos and values of the school appealed to me.

I have a Sports Coaching degree and have been teaching Sport in a Further Education College for 6 years prior to coming to Beauchamps. Beauchamps has offered me the opportunity at this stage of my career to improve my teaching qualifications and to fulfil my wish to expand into Science teaching as well.

Calmness and an ability to be relatable to my students are important qualities to being a teacher, and with that being approachable and showing human empathy. I want to make my lessons fun, but students also need to know not to overstep the boundaries that the teacher sets, and by not doing so their enjoyment and learning experience will increase. 

Mr Parker, my History teacher at school, inspired me to want to become a teacher and helped to mentor me. His lessons were always fun and you learnt a lot from him. 

When I joined the school, I was told I would find the staff at Beauchamps would be welcoming. The PE and Science staff and everyone in the school in particular Mr Mower, Mr T Byford and Mr Beaumont have all been very supportive in my first few weeks here.

In the future, I hope to move more in to the pastoral side of teaching as I genuinely care about young people and have a desire to challenge and help them. I want to focus on bringing out the best of their characters and not to limit their belief in themselves.

Miss Lester - Trainee Teacher of English and Drama


I chose Beauchamps High School because of its outstanding reputation and school ethos. I had been looking for an opportunity to train whilst working and learning on the job. I am currently on the two year pathway, specialising in English.

To be a good teacher, I believe you need to be able to adapt quickly and be able to think on your feet. Building a good rapport with the students is vital to ensure you are bringing out the best in them.

I recall that at school I looked forward to every English lesson, I had a brilliant teacher who brought the texts to life and made Thomas Hardy's Far From the Madding Crowd one of my favourite books!

The students at Beauchamps have been very polite and helpful especially in the corridor, when I had to ask some of them for directions in my first few weeks here! My personal mentor, Mrs Larson, has been brilliant as have the rest of the English team.

I am currently involved with several extra-curricular after-school clubs. I help in Drama Club once a week for years 7-11 and I am looking forward to getting involved with the Summer Production this year. I also support Mr Harper at the High Achiever's club on a Friday afternoon.

Coming from a Drama background, I am excited to study Shakespeare and other plays with the students and feel that I can bring a dynamic and engaging aspect to the classroom, to help bring the play to life! I have really enjoyed studying 'A Christmas Carol' with the year 8's and 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' with year 7's. The students have blown me away with their historical knowledge and understanding of the characters.

My ambition is to qualify as an outstanding teacher. I hope to bring innovative and creative activities into my lessons and to make sure that I contribute towards wider school life.

Mr Tuhill - Trainee Teacher of History


I am a former student at Beauchamps High School, and left after A Levels in 2014. I live locally, know most of the teachers and feel comfortable coming back here.

I remember when I was at school, Mr Harper (before he became Headteacher) delivering a careers talk on becoming a teacher and offering us the opportunity to return for work experience if any of us were considering becoming teachers. So, I came here for work experience in 2018, before deciding to give it go!

I am on a 1 year pathway; 4 days a week gaining teaching experience at Beauchamps and 1 day a week at teacher training college. After the first term, I will be getting more opportunities to take my own lessons and there is also a placement at another school to gain more experience. There is an assessment at the end of the year.

To be a good teacher, I believe you need good knowledge of your subject and you need to be able to predict and prepare for what is going to happen rather than wait until it happens and have react to it. Approachability is also very important. I like to be creative in my planning to make every lesson interesting and to get the best for every student.

I was inspired to get into History, by my teacher at school in year 8 Mrs Tweedie – who is still in the History Dept. I remember her lessons were interesting and delivered well. When I was in the Sixth Form, I really enjoyed being a History mentor - helping GCSE students for their exams.

So far this term has been good, initially observing lessons but now helping a lot more and from half term I will be given the opportunity to take my own lessons. The whole History Dept have been very welcoming and supportive. My mentor Mrs Conway has been regularly setting me targets for what I need to achieve each week.

In the immediate future, I want to qualify as a History teacher. Longer term, I would be happy to take on more responsibility.

I am involved with the extra-curricular lunchtime History Club for years 7-11. Students can come along and ask questions about the topics they are currently studying in their History curriculum.

Miss Waite - Trainee Teacher of PE and Mathematics


I chose Beauchamps High School because it has a good reputation and it gave me the opportunity to train whilst doing the job. For the last 2 summers, I have been gaining work experience with the PE and Maths Departments at the School.

I have chosen to follow Premier Pathways which runs for two years. The first year is an adjustment year gaining experience and during the second year there is a thorough assessment.

To be a teacher you need good communication skills and flexibility, as no two students are the same. You need to be able to adapt to any situation that may arise.

Both my parents are teachers and I have always loved sport. I have been involved with sports, including some coaching, for several years. I believe training to be a teacher would be the right career path for me to take.

So far this term the big difference has been being able to take some lessons alongside continuing to observe others. I try to effectively plan and deliver interesting lessons. All staff have been very supportive, and both my PE and Maths mentors have been particularly helpful.

In the future I want to qualify and be the best teacher I can be. I am involved with the Year 7 Netball and Basketball extra-curricular activities before school for two mornings a week and additionally run an after-school Netball Club once a week.