Subject provision

Art – To target our more creative high achievers, in Art we run a club where students are able to develop a wide range of skills in the subject, most recently using Photoshop to assist with a project on Book Illustration. There is great pride in the students’ work, from both the staff and the students themselves, and examples of their projects can be seen throughout the school. 

Business – Business Studies at Beauchamps presents a wide range of opportunities to develop understanding alongside our timetabled lessons. In February 2017 we took students from Beauchamps to New York, as well as competing in the National Enterprise Challenge, whilst in school we took part in the ‘Flourishing Fivers’ scheme for St Luke’s Hospice, and our highest achievers got to take part in the Business Investor challenge. These internal and external initiatives have proved to boost the knowledge, understanding, and aspiration for a career in Business for our most able students. 

Drama – Our most able students in Drama are able to develop their skills and confidence further in the subject through well targeted lessons, extra-curricular provision including external trips, and regular school performances. Such opportunities to showcase our talent are incredibly popular with staff and students alike, and thanks to our students these are done to a very high standard. 

English – In addition to our challenging curriculum, the English department offer a variety of enriching activities throughout the school. In the 2016/17 academic year our Year 7 took part in an external competition run by the Guardian, in which critical reviews of challenging books were written, and after winning the competition they were invited to the Guardian head office to attend an awards ceremony with authors and speakers, as well as workshops. Further up the school, students were taken to the theatre to prepare for studying Shakespeare at GCSE, as well as Year 9 and 10 students entering into a BBC story-writing competition. Furthermore on a weekly basis in order to improve the level of debate and questioning students are given a ‘thunk’ of the week, such as ‘Is it ever good to lie?’, which is then linked to the particular topic being studied. 

French – Our most able learners in French have the opportunity to develop further their spoken skills in the subject through conversation sessions. In addition, we offer spelling bee competitions to enhance the written part of the subject, as well as a French Breakfast event in school to develop a cultural understanding. As further provision for the cultural development we are also currently organising trips to both Calais and Paris.

Geography – At Beauchamps we allow students to develop their understanding and enjoyment of Geography through trips such as the Natural History Museum, as well as encouraging students to explore the subject independently through a list of recommended books, films, programmes and locations to visit. The recommendations are of course updated and developed frequently, and often shared through our Twitter page @BeauGeog. From this year we are running an ecoschools club with a view to achieve the nationally recognised Bronze ecoschools award, as well as looking to get external speakers in to enhance the curriculum.  

History – The History department offers trips to a wide range of locations including the Battlefields in Europe, the Medical Museum to enhance understanding for GCSEs, and the British Library for A Level students. As well as this external provision, within school we offer extra revision sessions for GCSE students who are aiming for the highest grades. In addition we have boards in the department outlining how our most able students, particularly at Key Stage 3, can develop their understanding through things they can watch, read or visit outside of lesson time. Within lessons students are always encouraged to extend themselves to deepen their understanding. 

ICT – In ICT and Computing we offer after school enhancements on Tuesdays and Thursdays on Programming. As well as this extra provision, our focus in lesson ensures our most able students are able to develop a deeper understanding of the subject, through the use of strategies such as subject ‘experts’ assisting other students in developing their work.

Maths – In Maths our most able students are challenged from the very first lesson in Year 7. This constant development of the skills of our highest achievers continues throughout the school, including during their GCSE and A Level years. This ensures the highest possible achievement from these students, who will develop strong, applicable skills along the way. Outside of lessons we offer the UKMT Maths challenge at various points throughout the school, as well as visits and in-school enrichment activities for our students to see the benefit of studying Maths in a wider context. 

Media – We look to develop our most able students’ skills and ability further through a range of extra resources in Media. Through reading a wide range of media, as well as watching a variety of genres of films and television programmes, our students are able to enhance and apply their skills in the subject that have been developed through our challenging lessons. In addition to this we offer external visits to numerous locations such as the BFI imax cinema, the Movieum of London and BBC Television centre.
Music – In Music we have various ways of identifying the most able students, given that there are a wide range of necessary skills. These most able students will always be challenged within lessons with extra and/or more difficult material to work with, which also enhances their independent work ethic. Outside of lessons these students are encouraged to join in our many extra-curricular clubs including school choir, school orchestra, African drumming, Sibelius computer club, theory club, guitar club, violin club, wind band and Ukulele club. Such skills can also be developed through instrument tuition, and showcased at one of our performances or external competitions.

PE – The most able Beauchamps sportsmen and women have a wide range of opportunities in school to develop their skills, both in and out of lessons. As well as our annual Sports Day event, students are given very frequent opportunities to compete both in school, but more importantly externally. 2016/17 saw the most successful sporting year for Beauchamps in a number of disciplines, including individual achievements at district level, and team achievements in football at a wider regional level.  

RE – For year 9 there is currently a masterclass on a Tuesday morning for those looking to achieve an A or A* in RE. As well as this Year 7 and 8 also have a similar provision on a Friday. Both of these extra sessions ensure the highest possible achievement. Outside of the qualifications our sixth form take part in an annual multi-faith debate in which representatives from different faiths in the local community come to discuss different perspectives on issues and questions raised by our students.
Science – 

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