Measure and Impact of Careers Programme

Our Careers Provision is monitored and evaluated using the following measures:

  1. Intended Destinations data and September Guarantee data – reported back to Essex County Council – This evidences what our students intend to do after year 11 and secured places at the start of the following academic year.
  2. Student/Parent/Staff voice
  3. Employer and Volunteer Event Feedback forms
  4. Student Feedback forms post event evaluations
  5. Self-Evaluating tool – Compass supported by Careers and Enterprise Company, to show how our Careers Education aligns with the Gatsby benchmarks. 

Monitoring and Evaluation:

When monitoring the success of the careers programme, the school considers formal and informal measures, qualitative and quantitative data and hard and soft outcomes for students. The careers programme is evaluated in a number of ways, including:

·       Student feedback on their experience of the careers programme and what they gained from it

·       Staff feedback on careers lessons and careers events

·       Feedback from external partners and from parents on trips, events and networking

·       Student destination figures post-16 and post 18

·       Quality assurance of careers skills lessons as part of the tutor time programme 

Careers Measurement and Impact Document