As a quality school we select the most proficient NQTs. Associate Senior Leader, Miss Farrar runs an excellent induction programme with weekly seminars for your development and support.Your Subject Leader also takes an active role in mentoring and advising you, observing lessons and helping you develop teaching strategies and resources.As an expanding school, we have been able to appoint a large number of NQTs in recent years. Most have matured rapidly as teachers, enabling them to take on positions of responsibility within the school or elsewhere. Therefore we have a young and innovative staff. Our teachers are the key reason for our success.

At Beauchamps we give our students the best possible education, so we recruit only high quality teachers.The school is continuing to expand, and this year we will be making appointments in most subject areas. Our staff work tirelessly for the benefit of our students. We want to hear from teacher trainees who have the confidence and enthusiasm to join a winning team.If you believe that you are the best in your subject and would like further details please register your interest by email to We will then contact you with details of suitable vacancies, as they become available.

Beauchamps High School runs a high quality, successful ITT programme as part of the Schools Direct and SCITT Programme in collaboration with Billericay Educational Consortium 

Below are 3 testimonials from teachers at Beauchamps High School.


I have been at Beauchamps for the last two years and can honestly say I have never worked anywhere with a more enjoyable atmosphere. The staff are the most supportive people I have ever come across and really go out of their way to make new staff feel welcome; this ethos makes a reality of the headteacher's vision that we are all one, big family. Whilst I honed my teaching skills, I was expertly guided by some very experienced and generous colleagues. I can honestly say that making the decision to move to teaching, and in particular teaching at Beauchamps, has been the best thing I have ever done in my career. The training route I chose (assessment only to QTS) has provided me with the flexibility to achieve my goal over a two year period without the added workload that comes with an associated PGCE. As I have a young daughter, this was definitely the right training path for me and would suit others in a similar situation. My tutor has provided an outstanding level of support, and has liaised closely with the school at each stage of my time here. I would not hesitate to recommend training and working at Beauchamps.


From the moment I stepped into the PE department, I was welcomed and struck by an overriding sense of enthusiasm from everyone around me. I was surrounded by practitioners who all had unique skills in different sports. Each welcomed me in to the department and shared their specialist skills to ensure I was equally equipped to tackle teaching any sport. In the short time that I have been at Beauchamps, my confidence has soared and I am continually impressed by the student’s attitude to learning and eagerness to succeed. Continual guidance has been offered from the outset and I feel safe knowing that I can experiment in my lessons and try new teaching strategies as my tutor and others will always provide constructive feedback. Two years may seem a long time, but it really does fly by and the experiences I’ve gained have made me the teacher I am today. Without that first year of teacher training I’m not sure I’d have been able to handle the teaching and studying workload. The first year allows you to adapt to teaching demands and learn how to cope. Thanks to the first year in the second year I felt confident I could manage the day to day teaching stresses on top of my teacher training demands. I have built a strong foundation which I can build upon to achieve QTS. I have so much more classroom experience than I could have hoped for in studying via a traditional PGCE route, and going into the NQT year shortly, I know that I'm in the best place. If you’re looking to learn how to be a teacher by doing it first-hand this is the training programme and the school for you. You are well equipped with supportive tutors and departments that aren’t afraid to let you try new strategies and even fail. What’s most important in this training process is you learn from these experiences and adapt in future lessons. It is a challenging environment to be in, but it’s one that stimulates you constantly and makes you think on your feet. Every day is different, a new challenge awaits every day!