The internet is a great way to discover, create and connect with people. Issues around the safe use of the internet and cyberbullying are few and far between but they do happen, in all walks of life.
Beauchamps High School proactively promotes e-safety and the prevention of cyber bullying. Bullying in any form has no place at Beauchamps High School.
If you have any queries or wish to report an issue to the school, please use the 'Contact Us' page or alternatively contact the Head of Year for the relevant year group.
The main risks or problems associated with the internet and mobile technology are:

  • Online reputation, Social networking, Online grooming, Video chat and webcams, Location services and Premium rate content.

Useful Links

Here are some great websites to help get the most out of your technology, use the internet responsibly and to keep you and those you care about safe on the internet.

Run Hide Tell Assembly Video

Please click here to view the video that students have seen in assembly recently as detailed in the email sent to parents: