In February 2020, Mr Windeatt and Mrs Pepper presented five hour-long assemblies on the latest Safeguarding advice to each Year Group 7-11.
Many of the topics covered were very similar in each presentation, aimed appropriately to the audience.
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11 February 2020 - Mr Carrott addressed all Year 7 Students on Safer Internet Day 



January 2020 - Year 11 Dead End Road Safety Theatre Production in the West Hall



November 2019,  - Years 7 & 8 Fire Safety event

Essex Fire Service visited the school on 4 occasions in November to speak to all our Year 7 and Year 8 students.

Year 7 saw ‘Heat of the Moment’ where they were shown the dangers and the legal implications of making poor decisions with fire. This included making hoax calls.

Year 8 students watched a presentation on Home Safety learning the dangers of everyday things that are done around the home. From the age of 12/13 children generally start to spend more time at home on their own and this is when mistakes are made. They learned simple advice on topics such as phone charging, smoke alarms, planning for fire accidents and the importance of leaving doors closed.


Advice was also given on how to keep homes safe from burglary. Children too often ‘pop out’ for 30 minutes without locking a house the way an adult would. Students were advised not to post social media messages when they are on holiday as this just advertises that a house may be empty. This activity is linked to recent ‘clear out burglaries’, where houses are totally gutted while people are on holiday. A social media comment about being on holiday can also invalidate an insurance policy. 


October 2019,  - Years 9 In Harm's Way

The Upfront Theatre Company brought their play and workshop “In Harm’s Way” to the whole of year 9. Students took part in a true/false activity learning about Mental Health and myth busting some common misconceptions.

The then watched the production, which focused on three friends at school and their mental health. Students learned that different people have different ways of displaying their mental health and that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for all.

Topics covered included drugs, anxiety, stress and self-harm. Students were shown ways to improve their mental health and how to access support and support each other.


At the end of the session, students discussed with the actors how their characters could have dealt with the situations that arose in the play.   


September 2019  - Year 9 Healthy Relationship Lessons.

Steve Parker from Essex Police and Fire Services once again visited the school to deliver a very informative presentation on Healthy Relationships. Every student in year 9 saw the presentation which covered topics such as consent, domestic abuse, healthy/unhealthy relationships. Students were given advice and information on how to spot the signs of an unhealthy relationship and given advice of what to do if they were ever in such a relationship. They were shown the "Cycle of Abuse" and told that on average a victim will experience 26 occasions of abuse before seeking support or reporting the abuse. Students learned that not all abuse is of a physical nature and that emotional abuse in relationships is also a major issue in this country. 


September 2019,  - Year 10 and Year 11 Teen Cancer Presentation

Morwenna McNeil from the Teenage Cancer Trust came to speak with all year 10 and year 11 students. Her excellent presentation covered many topics that are often very difficult, but so important, to discuss. 


Students were given information on healthy lifestyles, types of cancer, types of treatment and the importance of self checking. Morwenna will return in October to speak with the Sixth Form. 


September 2019,  - Year 9 Knife Crime Awareness

Essex Fire and Police Education Team came into school to speak with all our Year 9 students regarding knife crime. This crime is rarely out of the news recently especially around the London areas.

Students learned about the concept of 'Joint Enterprise' learning that if you associate with others who carry knives you can be prosecuted with the same crimes as the person who carries and uses a knife. 

The message was also re-enforced that carrying a knife is not a way to protect yourself as 65% of people who carry a knife end up having the knife used on them. 

The local PCSO's also visited the school, speaking to students at lunchtimes about Operation Sceptre, a a national operation aimed at reducing knife crime. 


September 2019, Staff Inset Safeguarding delivered by
Mr Windeatt and Mrs Pepper.