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Health and Well-Being

Your time in the Sixth Form will be amongst the most memorable, exciting and challenging periods in your life, and Beauchamps High School will provide you with a variety of excellent opportunities to become a more rounded individual. The school has a history of excellent teaching, superb pastoral care and outstanding extra-curricular opportunities, and these continue into Sixth Form. Our experienced Head of Sixth Form and her tutor team will support and guide you through your years of Sixth Form study and enable you to develop the skills that are necessary in the modern world.

You will have the opportunity to grow as an independent young person and be provided with a wide range of activities to support your future applications, whether that be into Higher Education or employment.


Pastoral Care

Upon joining Beauchamps High School Sixth Form, you will be allocated a tutor who will support you through the day-to-day challenges of Sixth Form life. You will also have regular, one-to-one meetings with your personal study mentor, the focus of which will change as you progress in the Sixth Form. Both tutors and mentors will help you to develop your study skills so that you can effectively deal with the increased demands of A Level study. These dedicated staff members will also ensure that students who are new to the school feel integrated into the new environment and they will provide support for the important decisions that you will make over the next two years. 

You tutor and mentor will also provide support and guidance regarding your decision to apply to Higher Education or for employment, and this will be supported by  our CEIAG (Careers) Advisor, Mrs Emmerson, and the Head of Sixth Form.


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