Student Voice

Student Quotes

Some of my favourite subjects are Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Psychology. From learning these subjects, I have been inspired into possibly following the role of a teaching career in one of the sciences. I also love playing sport. I have immensely enjoyed my years so far at Beauchamps and look forward to taking my role on the student council forward.
I would like to help improve the school and actively assist in creating opportunities for all students to have a voice at Beauchamps. This is a great school and I look forward to the challenge.
My role as Deputy Head Girl is to assist the Head Girl as well as making decisions to improve our school. The role is very prestigious and I am very honoured to be given such responsibility to represent my peers. I hope to bring another successful year at Beauchamps High School by assisting the student council.
I wanted to be Deputy Head Girl because I wanted to help others to have a voice. This position has led to me being on the student council meaning I can push change and help others in this great school.
It is an honour and privilege to be given the role as a senior prefect. When I applied to be a prefect I was extremely excited. As a senior prefect I would like to continue to help the school in any way that I can and look forward to working closely with the student council next year.
Becoming a senior prefect has meant a great deal to me, I shall carry on this role with pride for the rest of my time at Beauchamps High School.
It allows me to help and support students and gives me a responsibility to promote the school and my peers.
I wanted to become a prefect as I saw this as a great opportunity and I believe I have the qualities to fulfil this role. I am reliable, responsible and prepared to carry out duties to the best of my ability.
I wanted to be a prefect because it is a great opportunity to talk to others and give back to the school for so much that they had given me.
I became a prefect as I believe that it would be a positive role to have within Beauchamps. I also believe that I can contribute in helping the school on the student council.