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We run various events for the student council such as:

Democracy Week
Visits to the House of Parliament
Transformation Trust Concert



School General Election 

On the 12th December 2019, the UK saw a General Election being held, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson aimed to gain a majority in the House of Commons. As a school, we decided to hold our own mock election on the same day. Students spent their form time in the weeks leading up to the election looking at video clips and information explaining what was going on and how the UK's government system works with their tutors.

Our Year 12 Politics students had, as part of their course, been tracking a party each and following their key manifesto promises and campaigns, and each produced some information on one of the five main parties hoping to do well at the election, which was sent out to all form groups in the week leading up to the election, to persuade them to vote for their party. Each form was made into a constituency, and the staff became a constituency as well. Students had the choice of voting for Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green and Brexit Party. Of course, students did not have to vote, and abstaining or spoiling their ballot paper was also an option open to them.

On the morning of the 12th December, each form group carried out their votes, and some form tutors even made their own ballot boxes to give a more authentic experience. Votes were tallied up, and the results were announced the next morning. Whilst Boris Johnson was celebrating a huge majority in the UK Parliament, he could also have celebrated a victory for the Conservatives within our own mock election.

After the results came in, our school had 51 'constituencies' and our students voted for the Conservatives to win in 36 of them. Labour came second with 8 seats, green with 4 and Liberal Democrat with 2. Brexit Party did not win any constituencies at all, despite receiving 4% of the total votes. 18% of ballot papers were counted as spoiled or abstained. The result was largely reflective of the national results. Students were able to examine the results of their form, against the rest of their year group, then see the results of forms in other groups, and of course the staff vote, in which Labour won. Many thanks to all form tutors for encouraging the discussions and voting with their tutees, and of course the Year 12 Politics students for their hard work providing summaries of the main parties, and for going round to forms on election day to help out with any questions. We hope students found it an interesting experience!