Hello and Welcome!

Miss Bailey - Primary Liaison Lead

Beauchamps High School has extremely strong links with all feeder primary schools. The Beauchamps community is a family, in which everyone aspires to achieve their best and beyond. I firmly believe that every year 6 student is welcomed as an integral part of the Beauchamps family. Transition into secondary school should be exciting, my role is to make this transition as smooth as possible for every child. 

Mrs Hampton - Year 7 Year Leader

My role as the Year 7 Year Leader is to help support, guide and advise students through their education at Beauchamps. I will work closely with all teaching departments and learning support to ensure all students are accessing the learning and have the challenge and support they need. Attendance, punctuality and behaviour will be monitored and parents will be consulted and liaised with at all times on any of these issues. I will also endeavour to deal with any parent concerns and requests to help ease transition and ensure our students' journey at Beauchamps is a smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Mr Beaumont - Primary Liaison Lead

Transitioning from old and familiar to new and unknown can bring about all kinds of emotion - feelings of worry or apprehension, or feelings of excitement and expectation. The Beauchamps community is full of experience and expertise in ensuring every student in the school feels a part of the family. We believe that when every student feels safe in their environment, they will do and achieve their best. Part of my role will be to ensure that this new chapter in the lives of you and your family goes as well as it possibly can.