Wellbeing Apps

A Selection of Apps you may find helpful

These apps are mainly free to install but may offer in-app purchases or require use of data.
Please check the app provider’s terms and condition and get the bill payer’s permission.
These apps offer a form of help but do not replace professional help or treatment.

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MOOD SPACE – offers a thought diary, positive reflection and mindful meditation. This app is designed to put your mind in a better space through daily use of short mood workouts.

MINDFUL GNATS – offers eight simple mindfulness and relaxation exercises. This app is designed to improve awareness of your body, mind and world through mindful practice. This can help you to reduce your stress levels.

SMILING MIND – offers programs, meditation and mindfulness exercises for a range of age groups to support healthy minds. This app is designed to teach you how to look after your mind, stay calm and destress.

MINDSHIFT – offers ways to manage worry, panic and a range of anxieties. This app is designed to help you face and change how you think about anxiety. It also offers relaxation exercises to practice.

CLEAR FEAR – offers activities and mindfulness exercises to help manage anxiety. This app is designed to help you to change your anxious thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

CALM HARM – offers distraction from urges to self harm using tasks. This app is designed to help you resist these urges, learn how to identify and how to manage your emotional mind in a positive way.

CALM – offers sleep stories, meditation, and breathing exercises for mindfulness practice. This app is designed to help you unwind, improve sleep and create a meditation routine to help reduce your daily stresses.

PZIZZ – offers ‘dreamscapes’ which combine sound effects, music and voiceovers to improve sleep. This app will aid falling asleep by calming your mind and body, leaving you more able to sleep through the night and so wake up feeling more refreshed.

COLORFY – offers 1000 pictures for mindful colouring without being connected to wifi. Colouring with this app can help you to relax and reduce anxiety by distracting you from your negative or stressful thoughts.