Why Join Beauchamps?

Mrs Bastable - Maths Leadership Team

I started as a PGCE student in 2011-2012 so I have been here for 6 years, I am now in the Maths Leadership Team.
I enjoyed training here as there was plenty of support and a really friendly department. I stayed here because there has always been lots of room for progression and room for me to continue to improve my own teaching.

Mr Pinnock  - Graduate French Teacher Trainee

I started working here on the 22nd February 2016 and my job title is Graduate French Teacher Trainee. I've really enjoyed my time here because support has always been available from my department and from SLT.
I found myself being given a lot of responsibility from quite early on (lead teacher of a GCSE and A Level class) but I have enjoyed the challenge and it's nice to know that my department has trust in me to do this.
I enjoy teaching and working with some very dedicated students and seeing them develop their understanding of the French language makes all the stressful nights of planning worthwhile.

Miss Turner - Associate Senior Leader

In 2012 I joined the Maths team at Beauchamps as a newly qualified teacher of Maths. Each year I have had the opportunity to further develop my career by taking on additional responsibilities, both within my department and in whole school roles, leading to where I am today as an Associate Senior Leader. I really valued the support I received in my NQT year from my department and mentors, but also fellow newly qualified teachers and this has continued throughout my career here at Beauchamps.