Mrs Bastable – Maths Leadership Team

I started as a PGCE student in 2011-2012 so I have been here for 6 years, I am now in the Maths Leadership Team.

I enjoyed training here as there was plenty of support and a really friendly department. I stayed here because there has always been lots of room for progression and room for me to continue to improve my own teaching.

Mr Pinnock  – Graduate French Teacher Trainee

I started working here on the 22nd February 2016 and my job title is Graduate French Teacher Trainee. I’ve really enjoyed my time here because support has always been available from my department and from SLT.

I found myself being given a lot of responsibility from quite early on (lead teacher of a GCSE and A Level class) but I have enjoyed the challenge and it’s nice to know that my department has trust in me to do this.

I enjoy teaching and working with some very dedicated students and seeing them develop their understanding of the French language makes all the stressful nights of planning worthwhile.

Miss Turner – Associate Senior Leader

In 2012 I joined the Maths team at Beauchamps as a newly qualified teacher of Maths. Each year I have had the opportunity to further develop my career by taking on additional responsibilities, both within my department and in whole school roles, leading to where I am today as an Associate Senior Leader. I really valued the support I received in my NQT year from my department and mentors, but also fellow newly qualified teachers and this has continued throughout my career here at Beauchamps.

Mr Barnett  – Science Teacher

I started as a PGCE student in 2012. I joined Beauchamps as part of my second placement at the beginning of 2013 in the science department and have never looked back.

I have found teaching challenging and very rewarding here at Beauchamps. There has always been plenty of support from department staff and the whole school. This platform has enabled me to gain confidence in my ability as a teacher and progress further. Most importantly, I was made to feel welcome at Beauchamps. There has been plenty of opportunity for progression where staff are encouraged to go for promotions. As a result I am now second in department for science within the four years I have been teaching here.

Mrs Stewart – Assistant Headteacher

I came here in September 2011 as Subject Leader of Science.  As of September 2017, I will be promoted to Assistant Head in charge of Assessment.

I love working at Beauchamps High School because I love the support and caring community of staff that are here. I find the vast majority of staff so positive and refreshing and everyone has a genuine passion for wanting the best for our students.  Everyone gives their time and help freely to colleagues and students alike.

The students themselves are also a massive attraction for me at this school. Whilst there are challenging students, as with every school, the student body on the whole are kind, caring and genuinely strive to do their best. I love contributing to their achievements.

Mr Windeatt – Deputy Headteacher

I began my career at Beauchamps as an NQT in September 1995. Within a couple of years I had been promoted to Head of PE. I quickly discovered that I enjoyed the day to day contact with students and parents and that a natural progression for me would be through the Pastoral side of education. I was appointed as a Head of Year in 2000 and then promoted to be Head of Upper School in 2003. I joined the SLT as a Senior Teacher in 2010 and was promoted to be an Assistant Headteacher in 2015. In September 2017 I will be a Deputy Headteacher in charge of students.

I have seen this school go from strength to strength that has taken us to be officially recognised as Outstanding and I have been very proud to have been a part of that journey. Beauchamps High School is a very special place for me and always will be.