Welcome to the Year 11 Page

HOY - Mr Beaumont

It is a privilege to lead and guide our current Year 11’s through this pivotal year in their education.
Year 11 is where the students gain their rewards for all their hard work over the years at Beauchamps High School.
My role is to not only track and monitor each student’s academic progress but also to offer the necessary support to each individual student so that they can flourish during this important year.

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Eleanor: Being a student at Beauchamps High School is absolutely amazing. We are all a friendly community and the teachers are very supporting. They always have our best interests at heart. 

Cameron: Beauchamps High School has offered me and many other students outstanding aid throughout my years here. Setting high teaching standards in classes, providing us with help both during and outside of school hours. 




English Language Workshop - as presented by Miss Randall and Miss Cooper.
- Parent and Child Workshop Paper 1
- Parent and Child Workshop Paper 2