Welcome to the Year 7 Page

HOY - Mr Mower

Beauchamps High School welcomes you to this very exciting time as Year 7 start their new academic year. The start of a new journey in which I have high expectations of all the students over the next five years.
Already I have seen and read about the many different skills the students have and I am sure they will discover new ones along the way. I want the students to be supportive and tolerant of each other as we start this journey together and to use their time wisely within our extended family. We will work together, face challenges and look after each other over the coming years.
Believing in yourself is the first secret to success!

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Eleanor: Being a student at Beauchamps High School is absolutely amazing. We are all a friendly community and the teachers are very supporting. They always have our best interests at heart. 

Cameron: Beauchamps High School has offered me and many other students outstanding aid throughout my years here. Setting high teaching standards in classes, providing us with help both during and outside of school hours.