Welcome to the Year 9 Page

Year Leader - Mrs Leforgeais

Year 9 is a critical time in the students’ education as they enter the transition year for their GCSE options. Starting some of their GCSE’s will enable students to develop an understanding of the potential career pathways they may wish to follow once they leave school.

As Head of Year 9, I am passionate about ensuring students are well equipped and ready to make their GCSE option choices in preparation for Key Stage 4. The ethos of Year 9 is to ensure students understand the importance of attending school and show positive behaviour. A good work ethic is always promoted, where students show that they are prepared to learn and show resilience in all areas of school life. This is all promoted through a Growth Mind-set, and we reward students who demonstrate this in a number of ways.

Working alongside me are a team of experienced and dedicated Form Tutors and together we are confident that each Year 9 student will be encouraged and supported to reach their full potential both in and outside of the classroom.