Dress CoDE

The Sixth Form dress code plays an important role in contributing to the ethos and highest standards of both the Sixth Form and the wider school. Our Sixth Form students are leaders in the school and role models to the younger students.

Do’s and DONt’s

Smart tailored trousers Jeans (inc skinny black)/shorts/tracksuits/leggings
Denim jeans or trousers

Faux leather

Dress, skirts– knee length Short jersey dresses and jersey tight skirts (above knee)

Faux leather

Blazer/Jacket/cardigan/smart jumper Sweatshirts/hoodies
Denim, leather jackets
No logos or slogans
Blouse/shirt Vest tops/strappy tops/t-shirts/décolletage/bare midriffs
Denim shirts
No logos or slogans
Discreet earrings in lobe No facial piercings (inc nose rings/studs)
Smart shoes Trainers/flip flops/Ugg boots
Keep to a natural hair colour Turn your hair into a reflection of a rainbow or experiment with different hair colours during the working week
If part of football academy wear the required training Kit Wear any sport kit you can find because your training kit is in the wash


ID Badges are a safeguarding requirement and must be worn at all times and shown to reception when the school gate is closed. Sixth Form students are expected to wear a yellow lanyard every time they are on site.

The Headteacher and Sixth Form Management Team make the final decision on appropriate dress. Parents or carers who are unable to provide their child with the required items should contact Mrs Gargrupe in the Sixth Form office. Such approaches will be handled with discretion and sensitivity