Football academy


The Football Academy aims to run a program as close to the professional academy as possible, so that players can experience an environment that is different to anything they may have experienced before. Within that, we hold weekly whole group player meetings to discuss topics, weekly themes and games. Players will also have opportunities to review their recent playing performance, focusing on strengths/weaknesses of both their performances and those of the opposition, to enhance their knowledge of football. We will also study the theory of footballing, evaluating and assessing playing formations, so that players have a cognitive understanding of the game alongside skills based activities. 



The Football Academy has high expectations of its participants, both on the pitch playing and off the pitch in academic and school life. On the pitch, the expectation is that the players attend training regularly and are fully committed to their own and their team’s development. It is paramount that they are fully immersed in a team culture which promotes hard work, respect, and commitment.


Our expectations off the pitch are that participants:


  • Represent the school in the highest standards on and off the pitch
  • Become part of the community family that drives and inspires everyone to achieve more
  • Maintain a high work ethic and a positive attitude
  • Be role models to peers, school and community
  • Participate in creating a safe, valued and trusted learning environment
  • Build character, resilience and personal development


In fulfilling these expectations, participants subscribe to the belief that better people make better players.  


The Football Academy players will have training a minimum of 3 times a week (before and after school) and a league fixture; players will also receive small group and individual training during the daytime in their free periods. Training focuses on a multitude of elements with the core focus on ball manipulation, possession-based training, tactical training, and player fitness.  

Beyond the Pitch

Being a member of the Football Academy is more than merely attending the Academy and playing football for 2 years! A key aim for us away from the football pitch is to help develop wider opportunities for players in football. We are using our contacts with the local FA to promote coaching courses for the players to complete, so that they are not just playing football but also learning how to coach the game to local teams. We aim to provide a leadership platform for the players to use their experience and knowledge in football to be role models to the school, by helping assist KS3 football teams and tournaments. We hope to assist players with their future ventures in football, whether that be helping develop them a pathway into higher local football clubs or opening other avenues for our participants in the field of football, other than playing.