Pastoral Support

At Beauchamps we care about supporting students in and out of the classroom. We support students academically, emotionally, and socially and look after their overall wellbeing.

Personal tutors and Academic mentors provide guidance, monitoring and support through each stage of the sixth form journey, for every student.

Tutors act as a first point of contact for any concerns or queries about progress or wellbeing at BHS, for students and parents. The tutorial programme, delivered weekly, helps students to settle into the Sixthform, develop independent learning skills and supports students in making decisions about the future. 

Regular one-to-one meetings allow academic mentors to provide individual advice and to set targets when needed to help a student achieve their potential.

Wellbeing Support

Wellbeing is a key priority within the Beauchamps family and promotion of positive mental health and wellbeing is embedded within the curriculum and our school community.

The Sixthform offers additional well-being support, either on a short-term or long-term basis. Students who have concerns about their mental health and/or emotional wellbeing are encouraged to inform the sixthform Team who can signpost support both within the Sixthform and via external agencies. Also, the Sixthform has a Wellbeing team who may be able to refer the student to more tailored or specialist advice and guidance. We support our sixth form student’s mental and emotional health in a range of ways in school including:

  • Having a Wellbeing Mentor available to students for both appointments and a drop in service and break and lunch
  • Weekly visits from the school nurse
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – individuals and groups
  • Year Leaders with specific training in supporting mental and emotional health
  • Regular training to the whole staff on mental and emotional health
  • An Applied Suicide Intervention Skills trained member of staff available
  • Young Carers support
  • Bereavement support from St Luke’s
  • Mental Health Support Team including Education Mental Health Practitioners delivering low intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.



Mindfulness is a mind-body based training that enables people to change the way they think and feel about their experiences, especially stressful experiences. This 10 week course aims to help students understand how they can train their minds to focus on the present and break unhelpful mental habits. The course is run by the Mindfulness sin Schools Project (MiSP), a leading provider of mindfulness classroom curricula in the UK.

There is a strong evidence base highlighting the positive impact mindfulness can have on well-being.

Weekly Student Meditation sessions

These sessions run every Wednesday during the Enrichment period and are led by our Mindfulness Coordinator.


Mentoring is provided by members of the Sixth form’s academic and well-being team all of whom have experience and expertise in supporting students make the best out of the time in the Sixthform.

There is a strong evidence base highlighting the positive impact mindfulness can have on well-being.