As the digital world grows, E-safety becomes a fundamental part of childrens education and is embedded within the curriculum.

We aim to support parents and children in their understanding of e-Safety, so that they can use the internet and other forms of digital media in a safe and secure manner.

Computers in schools are equipped with filters to prevent children from accidentally gaining access to inappropriate images or content. Computers at home have no such filters unless they are configured specifically.

To ensure that your children are safe online we recommend that you do the following;

  • Set filters on your computer.
  • Talk to child about not giving out their personal details online.
  • Place the computer in a main room of your house so you can oversee what they are looking at.
  • Regularly check their search history to see which sites they have been on.

Remember for Facebook and most social media you need to 13 years of age or over to have an account.

Please click here for Vodafone’s Digital Parenting Pro offering one of the UK’s largest parental controls and safety settings resources. There are many clickable links to advice but of particular interest are the drop down menus giving advice and guidance on the most commonly used social media apps, games and phones/tablets and how to use the parental controls within these.

*Please note: Beauchamps High School is not affliated with or sponsored by Vodaphone. Other mobile phone networks are available.

Please find links below to other online E-Safety resources:

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