To help you gain an understanding of what it is like to work at Beauchamps, we asked some of our staff to explain what it is like to work with us.

Mr Knight – Curriculum Lead – Law

I joined Beauchamps in September 2020 as a teacher of Law and Business, after taking a small break from teaching. I have 22 years of teaching experience, and as such, have worked in a variety of roles within a number of different schools.
Working at Beauchamps has rekindled my enthusiasm for teaching. I feel valued and supported by all members of staff. The school’s Senior Leadership Team have given me the opportunity to take responsibility for my teaching, enabling me to focus upon what is important within education … the students. The knowledge and skills experienced teachers bring to the classroom are valued by the SLT of Beauchamps High School; opinions are important and listened to, and you are given the opportunity to support the development of the next generation of teachers.
It has been a pleasure to teach at Beauchamps over the past academic year, and I truly feel part of a community and family that aspires to provide an educational experience of the highest quality.
When I joined I did not know what to expect…. but if you come to work here you can expect to work in a safe, welcoming community.

Mr Harper – KS3 Coordinator – English

I joined Beauchamps in January 2018 as a trainee teacher in English and since then I have found a home away from home here. The values and family ethos of the school has made it a thoroughly enjoyable place for me to gain my qualification in teaching and to be part of its growing success.  

I am now KS3 Leader of English; in a short time I have been given opportunities to develop my teaching skills and progress within my department. I now create and implement engaging schemes of work that promote that English as a facilitator of life skills.  Aspire – a word that appears in the school’s motto reflects not only the students’ work but ours, as teachers. There are opportunities for us to flourish and time is given for our professional development.   

Well-being is a key aspect of our working day at Beauchamps; all teachers are valued and supported by the Senior Leadership team which is one of the many reasons Beauchamps will be my school for many years to come.  

To be a member of this family means that you are supported, cared for and nurtured to be the best you can be for the success of all.