Early Careers Teachers

As a quality school we are always looking to welcome keen and talented ECTs. The school is continuing to expand, and this year we will be making appointments in most subject areas. Our staff work tirelessly to give our students the best possible education and we want to hear from teacher trainees who have the confidence and enthusiasm to join a winning team.


What is the ECT?

Beauchamps High School have chosen to work with Saffron Teaching Hub to ensure that each Early Careers Teacher (ECT) has routine access to targeted support. During your two years as an ECT we aim to consistently maximise individual potential.

Teachers are the foundation of the education system – there are no great schools without great teachers. Teachers deserve high quality support throughout their careers, particularly in those first years of teaching when the learning curve is steepest. Just as with other esteemed professions like medicine and law, teachers in the first years of their career require high quality, structured support in order to begin the journey towards becoming an expert. During induction, it is essential that early career teachers are able to develop the knowledge, practices and working habits that set them up for a fulfilling and successful career in teaching.

DfE Early Career Framework, p3

How will you be supported?

  • Additional release time
  • A dedicated mentor who you will meet with weekly
  • A teaching area
  • A comprehensive seminar timetable which supports reflection and growth
  • Termly reflection/review points with your induction tutor
  • Off site CPD and peer support sessions
  • Extensive inhouse CPD sessions

Why choose to continue your career with us?

As an expanding school we have appointed a large number of ECTs in recent years and now have two induction tutors invested in your development. They have seen their ECTs mature rapidly into confident and reflective teachers, many of whom have remained to take on positions of responsibility within the school meaning we have a young and innovative staff base at Beauchamps. Our teachers are the key reason for our school’s success.


“Discussions with my mentor encourage reflection and improvement”

Miss Blucher
English Early Careers Teacher

“additional non teaching time means I can observe colleagues and embed good practice into my own teaching. “

Mr Harris
Maths Early Careers Teacher

“I meet regularly with my induction tutor and our progress and wellbeing being at the heart of the meetings”

Miss Ramsdale
Languages Early Careers Teacher

“External CPD sessions are a great opportunity to meet like-minded other ECTs for support”

Mr Simpson
Science Early Careers Teacher

“I have gained so much working within a knowledgeable and supportive department”

Miss Page
PE Early Careers Teacher

Our induction tutors

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If you would like further details please register your interest by email to  hr@beauchamps.essex.sch.uk . We will then contact you with details of suitable vacancies, as they become available.

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