The Special Educational Needs Department will help to provide a fully inclusive educational experience for all students regardless of abilities and disabilities. We identify students who have barriers to learning and give strategies to overcome these with differentiated approaches. Moreover, we support families by offering regular meetings and liaise with all students on the SEND register to ensure they are at the centre of all that is planned and implemented both in and out of school with regards to their education and wellbeing.


From as early as Year 5, staff from our department will liaise with you and your child’s primary school to ensure we understand their needs and can fully support them at Beauchamps. When enrolled at Beauchamps, we can offer specific interventions if appropriate such as:

  • Extra literacy and numeracy sessions
  • Handwriting support
  • Dyslexia sessions and support
  • Emotional resilience and social skills sessions
  • Additional support in lessons from an LSA (mainly students with an EHCP)
  • Break and lunch clubs
  • Daily checks ins
  • Homework clubs
  • Wellbeing mentoring
  • The use of the Thrive Approach and Trauma Perceptive Practice
  • Referrals to agencies such as: Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy

In some circumstances it may be appropriate to plan an alternative timetable for your child in order to meet their needs and give them a fulfilling curriculum. In these rare cases, an Alternative Provision Plan will be implemented and reviewed fortnightly.

The SENco will track your child’s progress and feedback all relevant information throughout the academic year via telephone, email or in the One Plan meetings.

Key contacts

Heather Clarkson (SENCo)

Maria Allan (Mental Health Lead)

Elaine Long (Preparing for Adulthood Curriculum Lead)

Sandra Ingram (Senior SEND Coordinator)




We believe with the right support and guidance, all of our SEND students can achieve not only their potential, but above and beyond. We aim to ensure students are prepared for adulthood when they leave us, with a clear route to achieve their goals. We pride ourselves on ensuring every child is included whilst working towards the very highest standards of work, attendance and behaviour. We help mould our students into good, kind people who can make a positive contribution to society. Many of our students go onto colleges, apprenticeships and universities and experience tremendous success due to the foundations they have built at our school.

Miss Clarkson -SENDCo 

Mrs Allan – Mental Health Lead

Mrs Long – Preparing for Adulthood Curriculum Leader

 Mrs  Ingram – Senior SEND Coordinator

Mr Souter – Bespoke Provision Coordinator  

Mrs Phillips – Unqualified teacher of Social Studies and exam testing.

Mrs Stephens – Preparing for Adulthood Facilitator

Mrs Wybrow – Wellbeing Mentor

Mrs Thompson – Anxious School Refuser Lead

Miss Langston – SEMH Interventions Lead

 Mr Adkin – LSA

Miss Day – LSA

Mrs Trower – LSA

Mrs Arul Isaac – LSA

Miss Pinnock – LSA

Mrs Summerfield – LSA

Miss McKie – LSA

Miss Snape – LSA

Miss Cubbit LSA

Miss Maker – LSA

Mrs Dawson – LSA

Miss Anderson – LSA

Mrs Osang – LSA

Miss Copp – LSA

Mrs Judge – LSA

Mrs Hawker – LSA

Mrs Crabb – LSA

SEND Student Guide